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Officiating Overview

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Our mission is to identify, coach, and develop top aspiring amateur officials, to help them successfully officiate higher levels of hockey including professional, collegiate and international competition. Additionally, we seek to motivate these officials so that they return to their local areas and are valuable assets in mentoring the next generation of officials.


The NAHL Officiating Program, operated by the NAHL Officiating Department, is a part of the USA Hockey Advanced Officiating Development Program (AODP) and is designed to provide EDUCATION, EXPOSURE, and EXPERIENCE to officials with the purpose of:

  • EDUCATION - Officials receive in-depth coaching and educational resources aimed at developing their officiating skills. Pre-season training camps and resources such as NAHLTV access, video analysis, and ongoing education materials are utilized to assist officials in mastering crucial skills essential for their success. Officiating Coaches, possessing extensive hockey backgrounds, provide evaluations and immediate feedback to enhance performance
  • EXPOSURE - Officials are assigned games across a spectrum of Junior hockey (NAHL and NA3HL), and at times, within the NAPHL. This multi-tiered approach provides officials with the opportunity to gain exposure to varied playing styles, enhance their skills, and reach their fullest potential. While many officials work from their hometown, some in the program are offered the opportunity to relocate and reside in league-sponsored housing during the season. These apartments are strategically located within the leagues' footprint, placing officials within driving distance of the cities they need to be in to work challenging games, facilitating their professional development
  • EXPERIENCE - Assignments across various levels of hockey provide officials practical exposure to different competitive settings. This exposure allows officials to officiate demanding games, contributing to their skill enhancement and confidence. The structured tiers of our program enable officials to advance steadily based on experience and demonstrated proficiency. Our program facilitates the advancement of qualified candidates to professional, collegiate, and international opportunities

Program Candidates

The program is open to USA Hockey registered officials who are 18 years of age or older. Officials must be proficient skaters and athletes who are willing to learn and have a desire to improve through professional coaching. While an extensive amount of officiating experience is not a pre-requisite, candidates should have mastered fundamental officiating skills and be ready to accept challenges at higher levels of the game.

What do we look for?

  • Professionalism
  • Skating
  • Good Habits
  • Communication
  • Competitive Spirit
  • Goal Driven
  • Desire to Give Back
  • Coachability
  • Engagement
  • Leadership
  • Team First Mentality
  • Student of the Game
  • Discipline
  • Consistency
  • Courage

Potential Career Paths

There are a variety of paths available to a successful NAHL official. It's up to the official to decide which direction they want to go.



Many officials have graduated from the NAHL Officiating Program and reached the highest levels of hockey. Some of the NAHL's most successful graduates include:

Referee Levels Worked
Nolan Bloyer AHL, ECHL
Jake Brenk NHL
Andrew Bruggeman IIHF, AHL, NCAA
Tom Chmielewski NHL
Chris Ciamaga NHL
Shaun Davis AHL
Dan Dreger AHL, NCAA
Bobby Esposito IPC, ECHL, NCAA
Sean Fernandez AHL, ECHL
Garrett Gaydosh NCAA
Logan Gruhl IIHF, ECHL
Beau Halkidis NHL, AHL
Tyler Hascall ECHL
Sam Heidemann AHL, ECHL
Jake Jackson AHL, ECHL
Phillip Kasko AHL
Keith Kaval IIHF, KHL, AHL
Tatu Kunto AHL
Mark Lemelin NHL
John Lindner AHL, ECHL, IIHF
Sean MacFarlane IIHF, DEL (GER), AHL, ECHL
Ian McCambridge AHL, ECHL, IIHF, NCAA
Austin O'Rourke AHL, ECHL
Brian Pochmara NHL
Jake Rekucki AHL, ECHL, IIHF, NCAA
Stephen Reneau IIHF, AHL, ECHL, NCAA
Chris Rumble AHL
Peter Schlittenhardt AHL, ECHL, IIHF, NCAA
Jonathon Sitarski AHL, ECHL, NCAA
Rocco Stachowiak ECHL
Jordan Samuels-Thomas NHL, AHL
Riley Yerkovich AHL, ECHL, NCAA
Jack Young IIHF, AHL, ECHL
Linesperson Levels Worked
Riley Bowles AHL, IIHF
Justin Cornell AHL, NCAA
Ryan Daisy NHL
Benjamin Gawlik AHL, ECHL
Bryan Gorcoff AHL, ECHL
John Grandt NHL, NCAA
Brandon Grillo NHL, AHL
Shane Gustafson IIHF, AHL, ECHL
William Hancock IIHF, AHL, NCAA
Kendall Hanley IIHF, NCAA, AHL
Matthew Heinen AHL, ECHL, IIHF
Reilly Hickey AHL, ECHL
Mitchell Hunt NHL, AHL, ECHL
Kilian McNamara NHL
Michael Miggans AHL, ECHL
Johnathan Morrison IPC, AHL, ECHL, NCAA
Bryan Pancich NHL
Jake Paugh AHL, ECHL
Davids Rozitis AHL, ECHL, IIHF
Jon Shaw AHL
Samuel Shikowsky AHL, NCAA
Adam Tobias NHL
Christopher Williams AHL, ECHL, IIHF, NCAA
Tyler Willie AHL, ECHL


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